About S.O.L.V.E.

Apart from providing its students with the tools to develop into capable industry professionals, NSHM Knowledge Campus is committed to providing them with a fun, safe and enriching college experience. An integral part of ensuring such is a multifaceted Student Service Cell that can address any issue that they have during their time with us. With our students' overall development in mind, we have established S.O.L.V.E. a Student Service Cell in order to help our students make the most of their college experience. From orientation to graduation and beyond, S.O.L.V.E. has every resource you need to make the most out of your life at NSHM Knowledge Campus.

Designed to supporting your academic development throughout your years,the academic services offered are

  • Academic mentoring support in terms of academic load, choice of electives, etc.
  • Academic counselling for the academically weaker students
  • Arranging tutorials and other handholding sessions for deficiency or afflictions make-up, exam preparation, etc.
  • Augment classroom teaching with additional sessions by noted academicians & practitioners from outside the system
  • Orienting students for overall development by planning specific & generic interventions of various life schools
  • Periodic survey & feedback on academic delivery, outcomes quality improvement.
  • Guiding students on various industry internships, projects, OJT, etc on an regular basis.
  • Assistance for developing/clarifying academic and career interests, and short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions
  • Learning support through Corporate Talk Series/ Symposiums/Seminars/ Conclaves
  • Upskilling opportunities through Professional Workshops
  • Placement preparation through mock interview / group discussion
  • Access to Internship opportunities as a part of the curriculum requirement
  • Exposure through Practical Live Projects, Virtual Live Projects
  • Access to Final Placement Opportunities
  • Alumni support through relevant lateral job offerings across the industry

The financial services provided are-

  • Collection of fees and issue of receipts
  • Guiding students on their amounts due
  • Educating students on the due dates and late fines if not paid on time
  • Counselling students on exam dates and exam fees
  • Collection of exam fees
  • Registration fees
  • Reconciliation and deposit of PDC’s
  • NEFT reconciliation
  • Getting information from students on NEFT’s made
  • CMS collection tracking of students
  • Handling all other finance related queries of the students (refunds etc)
  • Refund of security money
  • Guiding students on various bank loan schemes and receipts

Admin & ITES support are crucial for all students to experience a good journey with the institute. The services provided are-


  • Residential (Hostel):
    • Boarding Facility
    • Canteen Facility
    • Assistance for Documentation at the time of entry in Hostel
    • Medical Support
    • Assistance for NO Dues, Leave Application, etc.
    • Administrative Support in Various Hostel Activities
  • Class Room Support
  • Sick Room Support
  • Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Administrative Support in Various Events, Conferences, Admissions, Placements, Workshops, Campus Activities, etc.
  • Cafeteria


  • Providing institutional email id and resetting password
  • Providing TCSiON email-id and resetting password
  • Sensitization and training (as and when required) on learning exchange
  • Sensitization and training (as and when required) on Online examination
  • Resolution of service issues provided through MTOP and/or TCSiON
  • Domain Login Support for all students
  • Clearance from ITES at the time of collection of certificate and grade card (For Kolkata only)

An important part of higher studies is learning to manage one's lifestyle beyond work and academia. With the hectic schedule that students often have combined with the added pressures of pursuing a professional course, students' physical and mental wellbeing is something that requires special attention. The services offered by this department are:/p>

  • Counselling for emotional well-being with professional psychologist
  • Counselling for career related issues with trained academic mentors

Sessions can be booked through a hassle-free process and non-disclosure of case details is assured

Assistance will be provided to students to help them navigate through the procedures for University registration, examination and issuance of certificates. The services offered are:

  • Issuance of Grade cards
  • Issuance of Final Certificates
  • Students’ Educational Verification (through mail)
  • Issuance of Certificate to District Intelligence Branch (DIB) office regarding Govt. Job verification
  • Verification and processingof Tuition fees waiver under Students Welfare Committee Scheme of MAKAUT
  • Online verification of e-Kalyan& Swami Vivekananda M-C-M Scholarships
  • Issuance of (College Leaving Certificate) CLC to the Passed out students
  • Verifying and processing applications received from students for non-receipt of Grade cards / Certificate from the University

Assistance will be extended to national & international students with their issues regarding transitioning to, living and studying here. This will cover-

  • VISA information & paperwork (as applicable)
  • Accommodation in Hostel

The academic support services have been designed to enhance the learning experience. The Library and the Life Skill School are the primary drivers for the same. The services include-


  • Online public access catalogue ( login ID based,with remote access facility)
  • Reading room facility
  • Institutional Membership (the library has institutional membership with the British Council Library, American Library, DELNET & National Digital Library)
  • Scanning facility
  • Photocopying facility (available subject to copyright restrictions)
  • A dedicated Question paper database is available in the Library Website.
  • Print & Online Journals

Life Skill

  • Holistic development under a liberal education framework.
  • Unique provision for improvement on Career Quotient (CQ).
  • Provisions of CQ grade card every year.
  • Prepping up the students for participating in various inter college competitions.

CQ development through the following 5 centres:


1. Centre for Language and Communication(CLC)

  • Learning of English & other foreign languages like French, Spanish, German, etc.
  • Training on communications and presentation skills.
  • Club memberships – elocution, debating, literary clubs, etc.

2. Centre for Sports and Wellness

  • Adventure camps along with relevant certification on rafting, trekking, mountaineering etc.
  • Adversity management by way of endurance building through sports and wellness.
  • Regular coaching for outdoor and indoor games
  • Participation at Wellness Camps
  • Basic disaster management skills

3. Centre of Creative and Performing Arts - AANGAN

  • Training & Certification program on music, dance, etc from institutes like Bickram Ghosh Academy.
  • Training & certification on theatre like Nandikar
  • Training and certification on Body language, personality development dance classes like zumba, pilates, salsa, etc.
  • Appreciation workshops and outdoor camps on Indigenous crafts, culture tradition

4. Centre – Social Outreach

  • Participation in various social projects under Govt. schemes like Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Swachh Bharat, Digital India, NSS, etc.
  • Community visits for development needs assessment & volunteering services.
  • Training on social survey, tools & appraisal methods
  • Develop individual &social responsibility

5. Centre for Innovation and Incubation

  • Entrepreneurship Training & Education
  • Idea generation & development workshops
  • Activities under Institute Innovation Cell as per MHRD guidelines
  • Institutional support & handholding to select start –up projects

Students can seek support for all other issues.