About YComm

YComm 2019 is a two day youth communication festival organised by NSHM School of Media and Communication. In this year's theme, Kermis - The Circus of Life, we celebrate art, culture and communication through the centuries old medium of the Circus.

Let your flair show in your garb in our fashion show, Vastra Mode-Circo, or brew up a performance of your fandom in our cosplay contest, Polyjuice Potion. Let your inner acrobat shine while you display the art of movement in The Final Showdown- Bailar. Logical Thugs and Brandkshetra will hone your modern media skills while Aahat will revive your flare for one of the most traditional forms of media India, street theater.

With hundreds of schools and colleges participating and a footfall of over 3000, YComm - Kermis is all set to bring out the spirit of performance and showmanship over the 19th and 20th of September.

Register your teams now by clicking on the event links below or call: Sayak Pal (7686835794), Anurag Ghosh (9804942466)


College Representative Form

Event Schedule

AARAMBH - 19th September, 2019
Event Time
  Rupantaram Register here 10AM-12PM
  Snap That Sh*t Register here 10AM-8PM
  Do Minute Mein Mera Kya Register here 11AM-1PM
  Vichaarwadi Register here 12PM-3PM
  Maut Ka Kuaan Register here 1PM-3PM
  Guest Performance 3PM-4PM
  Bailar Register here 4PM-6PM
  Hysteria Register here 6PM-8PM
  Guest Performance 8PM-10:30PM

Click here to download the rule book

ANANT- 20th September, 2019
Event Time
  Polyjuice Potion Register here 10AM-12PM
  Snap That Sh*t Register here 10AM-8PM
  Brandkshetra Register here 11AM-4PM
  Aahat Register here 12PM-3PM
  Maut Ka Kuaan Register here 1PM-3PM
  Logical Thugs Register here 3PM-5PM
  The Final Showdown Register here 1PM-3PM
  Guest Performance 3 5PM-6PM
  Vastra Mode (Circo) Register here 6PM-8PM

Click here to download the rule book

Guest Performers

Sense OneWay

19th Sept - 3 PM to 4 PM

The latest sensation in the Indian Hip Hop circuit is the Freestyle Rap prodigy, underground rapper Sense OneWay. Known particularly for his chaste Hindi phrasing and lyrics, he will give you the perfect gully boy feels with the right touch of hip hop and emotions. Catch him live at YComm - Kermis

DJ Khyati & DJ Samit

19th Sept - 8 PM to 10:30 PM

DJ Kyati Roy: A DJ and an anchor by profession she is a known face in event industry and the party circuits alike. She started off young at 19, and has paved her way to success and fame ever since. Mic and Music is her way to move ahead and rock the place

Dj Samit: Resident DJ of Live Your Life the musical pub, Dj Samit has the sounds that can make you groove instantly. Catch his cool set of remixes and more at the YComm - Kermis.

Mohul Band: Leading the folk tradition of Bengal

20th Sept - 5 PM to 6 PM

Mohul is one of the leading Bengali folk based band of Kolkata. They perform various folk songs from different corners of Bengal & Bangladesh.

Entertaining music lovers for last 16 years, Mohul spreads the rustic essence of traditional Indian music throughout India & abroad.

They use rural and traditional instruments like Dhamsa, Madal, Dotara, Khol, Dhol, Flute etc… while performing on their live shows.

  • Lead vocalists: Partha Bhowmik & Sonai Sen, play the Dhamsa while they perform.
  • Instruments: Soham Bhowmik a versatile genius of this band who can play six instruments (Strings & Wind).
  • Others: Kanchan Parui, Sanjoy Das, Subhajit Das, Sourendra Das.

Watch them revive the sound of our roots in their soul stirring performance at YComm - Kermis.


20th Sept - 8 PM to 10:30 PM

Calling all head bangers and groupies as we present the experimental rock band Riddles at YComm - Kermis. Lose yourself to their unique sound as Eastern India's most energetic rock band comes to perform just for you.

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