Kolkata Media Summit 2020 is a flagship event of NSHM which will provide platform to media professionals, media educators, scholars, researchers and aspiring media professionals to exchange & share ideas on future of media and come up with a manifesto for a media landscape for the larger good of the industry and society.

Media Conference

Theme: Transmedia, media narratives, performances & contemporary storytelling
The conference will focus on the academic presentations, photo narratives, digital installations, fiction shorts and multimedia stories exploring the theme against a larger media convergence cultures, and its socio-cultural implications.


ICE Talks

ICE Talks (Information, Communication & Entertainment) is a platform where media professionals will deliberate on media future, emerging media technologies and approaches to storytelling.


Specialised session by senior media professionals on topics related but not limited to new media technologies, content creation, curation and monetization and best practices of media, corporate and brand storytelling.


Hands-on practical sessions by industry experts on new media technologies, innovation, storytelling, mitigating fake news, misinformation and media literacy.



Illustrative performances such as street play (Nukkad), stand-up comedy, slam poetry, thematic fashion show and dance performances. 

Technology Showcases

Technology companies and start-ups will showcase their latest content production, dissemination and delivery platforms.


NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata
124 B L Saha Road, Kolkata 700 053
Dr. Somali Chakraborty, Conference Coordinator
E-mail: somalichakraborty.19@nshm.edu.in
Call - +91 7708071595

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